More than anything, we value our word and do everything in our power to fulfill each and every commitment we make.”

– Peyton Smith, Visionary

Projected Returns

Average Refinance Proceeds

0 %
Of purchase price

Average Refinance Time Period

18- 0

Private Equity

6- 0 %

Find the Deal

Our team is constantly searching the market for the best off the market’ real estate opportunities. We don’t limit ourselves to certain markets or restraints that are typical in the industry. We buy “value add” apartments that are a great deal, so if it fits that mold, we move quick.


Once we have a deal under contract, we start to work on how to best structure the deal. We work with a vast group of lenders, and private investors to fund our deals and structure them in a way that works for everyone.

Our Commitment

At Black River, we value our word and do everything in our power to fulfill all commitments that we make. Whether it be a promise to call you back, or our fiduciary responsibility to you, we always do our best to keep that word and keep grinding until all commitments are fulfilled.

Our Strategy

Buy value add properties in the Midwest.

How do we buy?

By raising capital through private equity investors, structuring the deal for a Seller Carryback, investing our own capital, or any combination of the three.

How do we add value?​

Through better marketing, quality tenants, improved units, improved common areas and overall property aesthetics, and decreasing general operating costs.