We attack challenges with creative problem solving to bring our projects and ideas to fruition.”

– Peyton Smith, Visionary

Our Team

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Our Strategy

Buy value add properties in the Midwest.

How do we buy?

By raising capital through private equity investors, structuring the deal for a Seller Carryback, investing our own capital, or any combination of the three.

How do we add value?​

Through better marketing, quality tenants, improved units, improved common areas and overall property aesthetics, and decreasing general operating costs.

Projected Returns

Average Refinance Proceeds

0 %
Of purchase price

Average Refinance Time Period

18- 0

Private Equity

6- 0 %

Core Values


Don’t Give Up, Find a Way, Embrace the Suck

Humbly Confident

No Arrogance, Know Your Stuff, Be Vulnerable

Team Player

Make the Best of Everything, Positive Vibes, Hungry


Make Other People Better, Selfless, Active Listening